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June 28, 2008
Netcom, you suck!

Updated: Netcom has launched iConnect, a plan with unlimited bandwidth.

If you think the Canadians got it bad with crappy Roger plans, think again. On Friday, Netcom announced their iPhone plans for Norway. Oh boy… they suck. Netcom offers three plans for the iPhone: Small, Medium, Large with the price ranging from $ 80 to $ 218. Before going berserk over the prices keep in mind Norway has 25% VAT and cell phone companies are only allowed to lock you in for 12 months.

The price level isn’t the biggest problem, it’s what you get for your money. 100MB for $80, what the hell are you thinking Netcom? Even Roger’s plans start at 400 MB. In the UK, O2 is offering all their plans with unlimited data.

  Small Medium Large iConnect
Minutes 100 250 1000 None
SMS 100 250 1000 None
Data 100 250 1000 Unlimited
Price $80 USD $138 USD $218 USD $98 USD

In an interview with digi.no, Director of Communications, Øyvind Vederhus said:

People forget what 1000 megabyte and 1000 minutes costs

We didn’t forget Øyvind. Netcom was already offering unlimited data for $120. This plan is — surprise, surprise — not available for the iPhone. I guess iPhone megabytes are more expensive than normal megabytes. But wait, there was more bullshit coming out of Øyvind:

When digi.no asked how they came up with the prices and plans, Vederhus said they’ve done solid research.

The plans were made in collaboration with iPhone [sic]. We sought their advice and got numbers showing how iPhone users is different from other users.

Really? You managed — with the help of Apple — to come up with plans starting at 100 MB for a phone that comes with E-mail, a YouTube application, GPS which uses Google Maps, online store for buying music and iPhone applications and a full blown web browser? Nice work, Netcom!


#1 Daniel

Posted: June 30, 2008

Ole: You are right. I saw this plan and I knew that this Netcom and its group is shamelessly skinning us alive with impunity. The same problem is in Sweden as well as in Denmark. And all these three are under TeliaSonera. I don’t know if these Operators understand what Steve Jobs meant by the word “Affordability”, and that $199 is the price everywhere. I find it difficult buying this phone only to use it for less and pay Netcom the monthly subscription. It is a rape!

We demand an explanation to why their prices are different from say, O2’s. This doesn’t look, Applelike? Is this a kind of sabotage?

#2 sunny beach

Posted: June 30, 2008

That SUCKS! ..but it’s Norway - “The best country to live in” >.>

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