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Clyppan  ←  Clipboard manager for OS X

Clyppan is a clipboard manager and history app that is always at your fingertips. It keeps a list of text you have copied to the clipboard and allows you to paste it again by selecting it from the list within Clyppan. Clyppan is designed to be sleek, simple, elgant and get out of your way.

Clyppan 2.0

Clyppan is no longer available for download.


  • NEW! Favorites: Keep often used clippings easily accessible with the new favorites support. The first 9 clippings can be easily pasted using a keyboard shortcut.

  • Always at your fingertips: all of Clyppan’s functionality can be reach via the keyboard. Clyppan is designed so that you never need to reach for the mouse — unless you want to.

  • Rapid Paste: use Rapid Paste keyboard shortcut to put the next item in Clyppan’s list on to the clipboard. This is a great way of pasting multiple items without switching away from the application you’re working in.

  • Quick Preview: get a better look at what you’ve copied. The Quick Preview feature allows you to view the whole text, not just the first line. Simply selecta clipping from the list and hit Spacebar to bring up the Quick Preview window.

  • Search: find any clipping fast by using the built in search functionality. You can also search for the application where you copied the clipping from.

  • Persistent: all clippings are stored on disk, so your clippings are safe even if you restart Clyppan or even restart your Mac.

  • OS X Lion compatible: Clyppan works perfectly on Lion and works really well together with applications that support Lion’s full screen feature.


Clyppan requires OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard or newer. Clyppan is tested and is compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Keyboard shortcuts

Global keyboard shortcuts

These shortcuts works everywhere, it does not matter if Clyppan is active or not. They can also be customised in Clyppan’s Preference window to suit your needs.

  • ⇧⌘C — Hide/show Clyppan
  • ⇧⌘V — Rapid paste

Clyppan keyboard shortcuts

These shortcuts only work when Clyppan is active.

  • 1-9 — Paste favorite and hide Clyppan
  • ⌘1 — Switch to “All”
  • ⌘2 — Switch to “Favorites”
  • ⌘3 — Switch to “Most Used”
  • F — Toggle clipping as a favorite
  • ⌘L — Show current clipping
  • Space — Hide/show the Quick preview window
  • ⌥⌘F — Search
  • ↩ — Paste the selected and hide Clyppan.
  • ⇧↩ — Put the selected item on the clipboard, ready to be pasted, but do not hide Clyppan.
  • ⌫ — Delete selected clipping
  • ⌘, — Preferences
  • ⌘Q — Quit Clyppan

Support, Feedback & Suggestions

Got a great idea for a feature or discovered a bug? Please send all your feedback, suggestions, features requests and bug reports to clyppan@omh.cc.

You can also follow Clyppan on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/clyppan.


Version 2.0.1 — 21 Apr 2012

  • Plays nicely with apps such as TextExpander, Typinator, TypeIt4Me, Butler, etc.

  • TAB now jumps directly from the search box to the clippings list without having to tab through “All”, “Favorites” and “Most Used”.

  • Added ability to hide status bar icon using a hidden preference. To hide run the following in Terminal:

    defaults write cc.omh.Clyppan hideStatusBarIcon 1

  • Misc small bug fixes

Version 2.0 — 23 Oct 2011

New features

  • Favorites: Keep often used clippings easily accessible with the new favorites support. The first 9 clippings can be easily pasted using a keyboard shortcut.
  • Translated into Japanese and Norwegian


  • Improved user interface
  • Added “Don’t show this dialog again” to Delete Selected Clipping.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with removing last clipping

Version 1.2 — 11 Feb 2011

New features

  • Added support for pasting clippings as plain text.
  • Added the ability to exclude apps you don’t want to have clippings from added to Clyppan.


  • Improved the CPU usage Clyppan uses when in the background
  • ⌘F can now be used to jump to the search box

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with Preference window and spaces.

Version 1.1 — 09 Jan 2011

New features

  • Clyppan will now paste a clipping directly when selecting it in Clyppan or using Rapid Paste. No need to manually paste anymore.
  • Added new status bar item image that looks a lot better.
  • Clyppan now asks if you want to automatically start it on log in. You can also add/remove Clyppan from you log in items in the Preferences.
  • Changed how dates are displayed to use a more “human readable” format (1 minute ago, etc).


  • Increased max clippings to 1000.
  • Made searching a lot faster. You can also search for the source application where the clipping was copied from.
  • Improved how the auto save work to be more efficent and save whenever a clipping is added.
  • Clyppan is now 64 bit.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with the selection when deleting a clipping
  • Fixed issue with the status bar icon flashing blue every now and then
  • Fixed issue with changing keyboard shortcuts not working until you restart Clyppan.

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